Assembling a Steadicam Merlin

Assembling a Steadicam Merlin should take no more than a few minutes. There is no true assembly required with the Steadicam Merlin. The Steadicam Merlin is shipped to you in folded or travel mode. All that you have to do when you receive your Steadicam Merlin is unfold your Steadicam Merlin into flying mode. This guideline will go over instructions for unfolding your Steadicam Merlin so that you can begin using it.

Step 1: Position the Steadicam Merlin

There is a certain way that you should hold your Steadicam Merlin before you begin to unpack it. Using a single hand, you want to hold together both the stage and the grip on your Steadicam Merlin. The stage is the flat piece that is located on the top of your Steadicam Merlin when it is in folded mode. The grip is attached to the bottom of the stage and it looks like a black plastic handle.

Step 2: Check the Caliper Hinge Release

Now that you are holding the Steadicam Merlin in the correct manner, you need to take a look at the caliper hinge release on your Steadicam Merlin. The caliper hinge release should be open and out of the way. You will find the caliper hinge release on your Steadicam Merlin under the adjustment knob that is located in the middle of the arm. If you are going to be using a camera that has heavy weight once you have successfully unfolded your Steadicam Merlin, you will need to lock the caliper hinge release again once your Steadicam Merlin is unfolded.

Step 3: Swing Down the Lower Spar

As long as the caliper hinge release is open, grab the lower spar of your Steadicam Merlin with your other hand. The lower spar is the part of the arm on your Steadicam Merlin that is located below the caliper release hinge. You will find silver tapered start and finish weights at the top of the lower spar. Using your other hand, slowly swing down the lower spar on your Steadicam Merlin until you hear it click into its fully opened position.

Step 4: Mount Your Camera

To mount a camera onto the Steadicam Merlin, you will need to attach the dovetail plate to your camera. Once the dovetail plate is connected to your camera, hold the stage of your Steadicam Merlin with one hand while you connect the portion of the plate that is bent to the monitor side of the stage. You will then need to hold the locking lever on the plate in the forward position until the plate drops down onto the stage. Once the dovetail plate has slowly dropped down onto the stage of your Steadicam Merlin, move the locker lever straight out to the side. To lock the dovetail plate onto the stage of your Steadicam Merlin, slide the plate forward until it is in the correct position on the stage and move the locking lever towards the rear of the plate to lock the dovetail plate to the stage.