Applying Screen Protectors to iPhones

iPhone screen protectors can be applied to your phone's screen to protect it from damage. Touch screen phones might be very easy to use, however, if you're not careful, the screen will become damaged and scratched. In order to protect your phone the best you possibly can, you should use screen protectors.

These screen protectors are thin pieces of adhesive plastic which can be stuck onto your screen. They are pre-cut to the right dimensions, but you need to follow a few instructions to fix them properly.

Cleaning the Screen

The first thing that you should do is clean the screen on your phone. There is normally a small cloth included with the screen protector. If not, you should use a lint free cloth. Make sure you get rid of all dust and marks on the screen.

Preparing the Screen Protector

Take the screen protector out of the package and take a look at it. Make sure you know which end goes where. There will be cutouts for the microphone and button. These must go in the right location for the screen protector to work correctly.

Fitting the Screen Protector

Take the protective film off the screen protector and then slowly start to stick it onto your screen. Start at one edge of the screen and slowly start to lower the film down onto the screen, sticking it down securely. Try to minimize any bubbles by squeezing them out.


When you have finished fitting the screen protector, clean it using the same cloth. Then you're ready to start using the phone, knowing that the screen is protected.