Analyzing Different Measurements of Memory Card Speed

Memory card speeds can vary depending on the card type and manufacturer, so analyzing different speed measurements will help you choose the correct memory card type for your needs.

Two Speeds

Memory cards have two speeds that you should take into consideration: writing speed and reading speed. The reading speed is not that important, because it primarily affects you when you download content from the card to the computer. However, the writing speed is more important, as it directly affects the performance of your memory card, and even of the device you're using the card with.

Measuring Speed

Memory Card speeds are usually measured using "x" as a scale (10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, etc), but what is this x? The x speed represents the amount of data a card can accept in one second, and it's usually set at 150 KB, so a card having a 10x speed can write 1.5 MB per second. Thus, a higher x rating represents a higher performance card, but one key thing you should take into consideration is the speed of the device you're going to use your Memory Card in. It would be a total waste of money to buy a card that can write at a 150x speed when your device can only send an 100x amount.

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