Alienbees B800: Uses and Functionality

The Alienbees B800 is a studio flash unit that is self-contained. Alienbees makes three studio flash units, and the Alienbees B800 is a step above the B400, but a step below the B1600. The colors that the Alienbees B800 are available in include black, white, yellow, green and pink. The Alienbees B800 comes with a standard 150 watt modeling lamp that actually lets you see what you will be getting, which takes the guessing out of positioning the Alienbees B800.

Functionality of the Alienbees B800

The Alienbees B800 is capable of outputting 320 true wattseconds, 800 effective wattseconds and 14,000 lumenseconds. The Alienbees B800 has a power variaibility of 6 f-stops. By using the slide fader on the back of the Alienbees B800, you are able to go from total power to 1/32nd of total power in no time. The Alienbees B800 can recycle to full power in 1 second and has a sync voltage of less than 6 volts. Like all studio flash units that are made by Alienbees, the Alienbees B800 comes with a 7 inch silver standard reflector.

Uses of the Alienbees B800

The Alienbees B800 can be used as a handheld studio flash unit, or you can mount the Alienbees B800. The Alienbees B800 is compatible with light stand mounts with up to a 5/8th inch diameter and umbrella mounts that have a 3/8th inch diameter. Studio flash units like the Alienbees B800 are used by photographers so that they can get the perfect shots regardless of the available lighting. You can use the Alienbees B800 by plugging it into an electrical outlet or power pack.