Alienbees B400: Uses and Functionality

The Alienbees B400 is a studio flash unit. The Alienbees B400 is capable of producing up to 160 true wattseconds, 400 effective wattseconds and 7,000 lumenseconds. The power variability for the Alienbees B400 is 6 f-stops. You can go from full power to 1/32nd of full power by adjusting the slide fader on the back of the Alienbees B400. The Alienbees B400 is available in several colors, including yellow, green, pink, white and black. This guideline will go over the uses and functionality of the Alienbees B400.

Uses of the Alienbees B400

The Alienbees B400 is generally used as a modeling lamp during photography shoots. With its built-in cooling fan, the Alienbees B400 can be used all day long. It takes only half of a second to recycle the Alienbees B400 to full power. The modeling lamp in the Alienbees B400 can be set to track power changes, be turned completely off, or can be set to full brightness. The Alienbees B400 comes with a standard 7 inch silver reflector.

Functionality of the Alienbees B400

The Alienbees B400 weighs only 2.5 pounds and has dimensions of 9 inches by 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches. The Alienbees B400 is made out of the same material that is used to make bullet proof glass, which makes the unit lightweight and virtually indestructible. The Alienbees B400 is easily mountable thanks to its quick release faceplate and built-in hole for umbrellas. In addition to being able to use the Alienbees B400 as a handheld unit, you can also mount the Alienbees B400 to any standard light stand mount.