Advantages of Using a CompactFlash Memory Card

The CompactFlash memory card is one of the oldest and most trusted types of memory cards. It is used in a variety of different devices including Digital Cameras. CompactFlash is normally found in digital SLR cameras where space isn't a premium.

Increased Capacities

CompactFlash is a memory card which is physically bigger than most other types. This also means that there is more space for increased memory chips. This will mean that larger capacities of CompactFlash cards are generally available earlier and are cheaper than other types of memory cards.

Easier to Handle

The large physical size of the CompactFlash memory card also means that it is much easier to put into your camera and pull it out. This will also mean that you don't need to worry about losing the card as easily as smaller cards, such as SD Cards.


One of the best things about CompactFlash memory cards is that they have been around almost since the very first digital camera. This format has proved itself to be a format which will be around for a very long time. While SmartMedia might of died out a very long time ago, Compact Flash is still going strong.

Any old cameras can utilize the same Compact Flash memory cards without having to buy new cards every time you change your camera. The memory card format has been chosen in several new cameras and video cameras.

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