Advantages of a Dye Photo Printer

There are lots of brand and types of printers out there, and with the popularity of digital cameras, more people are opting for a dye photo printer. These printers have been around for years, but have only been used personally for the last few.

A dye-sublimation photo is a printing procedure that uses heat to carry over dye onto a medium such as a glass mugs, paper or cloth. Some advantages of a dye photo printer are:

Great Picture Quality

Dye-sublimation photo printers are great for printing all of your digital photos because the ink does not make little dots; there are rolls of film that glide across the paper. For that reason, it provides a much higher photo image quality.

The print head of a dye-sublimation printer heats up as the it rolls along the film. That makes the dyes vaporize and diffuses the surface of the paper. Then, they go back to solid film. Dye sub is also dry right away and colors will not fade over time.

Easy to Use and Low Cost

These photos are professional and inexpensive. Anyone would get great use out of a dye-sublimation photo printer. There's no more waiting in line at the photo-lab or having a ruined picture in the bunch. You can save time and money by printing at home.

Ink Maintenance

Cost wise, a dye sublimation photo printer uses unique cartridges for the ink as well as photo paper for the prints. On average, you can expect to spend around $0.20 per print. The most popular models of these printers run in the neighborhood of $100. An additional benefit of dye sub photo printers is that they are usually portable and do not require a computer in order to print. If you need fast prints on the go, this would be a great choice.

Over-Coated Protective Layer

A dye-sublimation photo printer has an over-coated protected layer. The over-coating defensive layer from HiTi's thermal printer is water and fingerprint resistant and can make the photo last up to 20 years under normal environments. Unlike other types of printers, the output is not this durable even using special papers and inks.

Quite a few brands of dye-sublimation photo printers are out there, from Canon to Kodak and Olympus to Samsung; make sure you do your homework because not all of them may not be exactly what you are looking for. What you are looking to get out of your dye-sublimation printer will determine the right dye-sublimation printer for you. If you want to print on mugs, make sure you find a printer that is capable; if you are only interested in photos, make sure you are getting the most for your money.

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