Advantages of a Carbon Fiber Tripod

A carbon fiber tripod is normally much more expensive than a regular aluminum or metal tripod. It's important to understand all of the different advantages of these carbon fiber tripods so that you can decide whether or not they are suitable for you. This will help you to justify the increased cost of a carbon fiber tripod.


Carbon fiber is a very lightweight material and this means that carbon fiber tripods are very easy to transport. They are even lighter than aluminum which makes moving them very easy. An average carbon fiber tripod will be 2 pounds lighter than even the lightest of aluminum tripods; this is a weight saving of around 30% which is pretty impressive.


Although carbon fiber is very light, it's also extremely strong. Carbon fiber is a composite material and this means that it shouldn't become damaged easily. This means that although these tripods are more expensive, they will last much longer.

These carbon fiber tripods might be light, but they're very heavy duty. They are fully capable of supporting a DSLR camera with the biggest of lenses comfortably.

Better Dampeners

Metal tripods are rigid and this means that any shocks are able to disturb and  shake the camera. A carbon fiber tripod is a much better dampener, which will prevent any shocks affecting your photography.

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