Advantages and Disadvantages of a 4x6 Photo Scanner

Whether you are considering purchasing a new photo scanner or are simply trying to determine which scanner you will use for a given job, you will have to decide whether to go with a 4x6 photo scanner or another model. 4x6 photo scanners have their benefits and their negative aspects, and it is important to know what these are before undertaking a scanning job or purchasing a new scanner. Below you will find a basic rundown of the relative pros and cons of 4x6 photo scanners.

Cons of 4x6 Photo Scanners

There are a number of negative aspects of 4x6 photo scanners that you will want to keep in mind before purchasing a scanner. One of the most common and obvious complaints with 4x6 scanners is that they can only scan one size of photo. As a result, you will be unable to scan photos that are larger or have different dimensions than 4x6 photographs.

Another detraction from 4x6 photo scanners is that you can really only perform one job with them, and that is scanning standard sized photographs. With other sizes of photo scanner, you have the ability to scan the occasional document or other piece of media if the need should arise. You will not have that option with a 4x6 photo scanner.

Another potential detraction when using a 4x6 photo scanner is that the range of software options is often reduced compared to larger, full-feature scanners. As stated above, 4x6 photo scanners are made to do one thing--and they often do it very well--but there are times when some individuals would like to adjust the settings of their scanner for other purposes, and that will often not be possible on 4x6 photo scanners.

Pros of 4x6 Photo Scanners

While 4x6 photo scanners have their fair share of negative aspects, it is also important to recognize that there are a number of good reasons to use them as well. One of the primary benefits of 4x6 photo scanners is that they can be significantly faster to use than larger sizes of photo scanners. Since there are less options to negotiate and less space to scan, 4x6 photo scanners can scan pictures faster than other models.

While a common complaint against 4x6 photo scanners is that they only scan one size of photograph, the fact remains that 4x6 is by far the most common size of photographic print, and a 4x6 photo scanner will therefore be able to scan the vast majority of photographs.

Another key benefit of 4x6 scanners is their size. Some individuals appreciate the fact that 4x6 scanners are relatively portable due to their smaller size, so they can take them on the road or between their home and office if the need should arise. Even if you do not intend to physically transport your photo scanner very much, the 4x6 photo scanner will take up less space in your workspace. For individuals with an already cluttered desk, this can be a great benefit.

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