9 Framing Ideas for Family Photos

You can add interest and style to your family photos by framing them in unique ways. Materials for framing cannot only be found at home improvement stores, but at a second hand stores or garage sales.

The following are some creative framing ideas for your family photos:

1. Matching Frames with Varied Mats

Use photo frames that match (by color, by style or by the material they are made from) with different colored mats that match the décor of a room. This will give you a consistent look while adding interest.

To create a greater presence on your wall, you can put family photos in matching frames directly next to each other. This grouping will read as one large element rather than several small elements.

2. Wood Frames

Wood frames are inexpensive and very versatile. You can refinish them or paint them to match your décor and complement the family photo in the frame. It is also easy to affix buttons, seashells or rhinestones to a wood frame using a hot glue gun to add an element of style.

3. Eclectic Framed Gallery

If you have many different types of framing for your pictures, you can create an eclectic gallery. A great place to do this is on the walls of your stairwell by using various styles, sizes and frame materials. Hang your pictures about 1 inch apart and for the best effect, and use many pictures.

 4. Shadow Boxes

You can use shadow boxes to frame photos. Simply mount the picture centered in the bottom of the box and then mount the box to the wall. This type of framing gives you a 3 dimensional effect.

5. Old Windows

Repurposing multi-paned windows as picture frames is great for a rustic or shabby chic look. Mount pictures in the center of each pane. This framing idea is good for displaying multiple pictures with similar themes.

6. Bulletin Boards

Old bulletin boards can be used to frame family photos. For a simple look, attach photos with clear or plain push pins. If you want to portray a theme, use push pins that reflect the theme. For example, use push pins with seashells on the ends for pictures from a beach vacation. Another option is to cover old bulletin boards with fabric to coordinate with a room's décor. You can crisscross thin matching ribbons to form a grid, and then slide photos behind the ribbons to hold them in place.

7. Vases, Bottles and Glasses

Alternative framing for family photos can include clear glass vases, bottles and glasses. Just roll up the picture and drop it inside. Make sure that they are clean and dry and that the pictures have room to unfurl.

8. Old Plates

Find old plates with interesting borders to frame photos. Simply affix the photo to a plate using acid free adhesive and mount it to the wall using a plate hanger.

9. Use a Tray

You can use a fancy tray to display photos in similar styled frames. You can use frames with varied sizes to create a vignette or story on a table top.

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