8 Features and Benefits of a Tamron Wide Angle Lens

A Tamron wide angle lens is used for shooting panoramic landscape shots and is one of the best in the professional photography field. It offers great features, such as:

1. Broad Range

The Tamron wide angled lens has a broad range as compared to similar lenses in the market. It ranges from a focal length of 10mm to a semi wide angle of 24mm.

2. Optical Design

It has higher precision due to its large aperture and the additional elements that reduce aberrations, distortion and coma.

3. Coatings

The internal surfaces are coated with multiple layers over the plural lens surface that help in minimizing Ghosts and Flare.

4. Compact Design

It has a higher specification as compared to similar products, but has a very compact and lightweight design that makes it all the more easy to use.

5. Focus

It has 0.24m focus distance as a minimum across the entire zoom range. This close focus capacity is especially favorable for wide angle photography.

6. Lens Hood

The flower shape of the lens hood helps in controlling and minimizing the glare and also provides shading from rays that creep on from the frame outside of the image field.

7. Well Finished Overall Design

The lens has a great exterior design that is uniform and very similar to the standard digital SLRs in the market.

8. Conversion Value

It has a great conversion value of 1.55x and is also equipped with a digital integrated plan.