7 Reasons to Choose Wood Frames for Your Photos

Photos in wood frames add a look of individuality to a room. Their simplicity and versatility give them an edge over frames made from other materials. The following are some reasons to choose wood frames for your photos.

1. A Good Buy

Wood frames are an inexpensive choice for framing your pictures. They can be found in a variety of outlets, from department stores to mass retailers to dollar stores. Some craft stores may have them, also offering pre-made frames along with custom framing services.

2. Easy to Make

You can make wood photo frames from inexpensive wood slats or dowels, scrap wood from other projects or from demolished old wooden structures or furniture. Frames can be constructed using just a hammer and some nails, enabling you to create custom frames of any size and shape.

3. Many Wood Types

Frames can be made from various wood types from such as cherry, maple, oak, cedar or mahogany. Frames can be matched to the wood finishes of furniture in a room for a cohesive look.

4. Versatile Material

Wood is a versatile material that allows it to be constructed in multiple ways unlike other materials such as acrylic, plastic or finished metal. The look of wood frames can be changed over and over to match different decors and can be resized if necessary. With other frame types, this would be difficult or impossible to achieve without permanently damaging the frame.

5. Traditional Choice

For artwork, wood frames are the traditional choice as they are complementary to paintings and offer elegance rather than flamboyance. Using a wood frame can impart the same feel to traditionally themed photos such as portraits.

6. Intricate Designs

Many intricate designs can be found on pre-made wood frames. These can include detailed carvings, finishes, decorative paint techniques or gilding in silver or gold. You can find wood frames in a variety of finishes, from a matte to a highly varnished look.

7. You Can Get Crafty

A plain wood frame can be a blank canvas for your creativity. You can do virtually anything to a plain frame. Refinish or paint the frame or use a hot glue gun to affix items such as seashells, buttons, beads, sequins or rhinestones for example, to create your own unique style.

Applying materials such as dried flowers or herbs, silk flowers or twigs can lend a natural or rustic look to a wood frame. For a distressed look, you can use steel wool to scratch the surface of the wood. By using a blow torch on a low setting, you can lightly scorch the surface of the frame to give the wood an aged appearance.

The pictures that you select to frame should be enhanced and not be overpowered by the frame. If you have a highly designed picture frame, make sure that the design is complementary or has a similar theme to the photo you will be framing.

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