7 Color Photo Printer Calibration Tips

Anyone who has a color photo printer will need to understand calibration and how it can be used to improve the results. Printers are very sophisticated pieces of equipment which are capable of extreme levels of accuracy. Most photo printers use ink jet technology. These work by mixing the ink on the paper to create different colors. It's important that the printer is calibrated correctly to ensure the best results.

1. Preparing the Printer

You should prepare your printer before you start trying to calibrate it. This will make it much easier and quicker to perform the calibration. If you're calibrating a new printer, then you will need to remove all of the packing materials around the print head. Plug in the power and turn on the printer. You will also need to install the printer drivers.

2. Reading the Manual

Read through the instruction manual for your printer, as every manufacturer handles calibration differently. These instructions are for Epson printers, although many other brands will be similar.

There should be a section in the instruction manual specifically for calibrating. The manual can also be downloaded from the Internet if you have mislaid your copy.

3. Checking the Printer

Check that both the color and black ink cartridges are installed correctly in your printer. You will need to have ink left for the test, so you might need to change cartridges.

You might also need to run a cleaning cycle on the printer if it hasn't been used for some time. This will ensure that there aren't any ink blockages inside the printer.

4. Loading Paper

Place sheets of plain paper into your printer, which should be ready for the calibration pages to be printed. This process generally involves printing lots of pieces of paper. To minimize the wastage, you can print on both sides of the paper.

5. Calibrating

Open up your printer's control panel by selecting the option on the start menu. Click on the maintenance tab at the top of the window and look at the different options for testing and calibrating. If you are not sure what the options mean, then you can click the help button.

6. Ensuring Alignment

Click the button to print an alignment sheet. This will be printed onto the plain sheet of paper. This is designed to make it simple to check that everything is lined up properly.

Click the buttons and follow all of the directions in the application. This makes it very simple to print out the alignment sheet.

7. Making Adjustments

The alignment sheet will consist of many different lines for each color. Decide which lines are the best and enter the number into the printer application. Continue repeating this for every different color. With the adjustments made, print the calibration sheet again. This will make it easy to check and refine the results.

By concentrating on improving the calibration of your color photo printer, it will be easy to enhance the photographs. Correct calibration will make your photos look sharper and of higher quality.