6 Odd Places You can Use a Gorillapod Tripod

A Gorillapod tripod is great for taking hard to get photos. The legs are designed to wrap around and bend, allowing you to attach the tripod securely to almost any surface. There are some really unique opportunities afforded when using one of these tripods. Here are just a few of the odd places you can use this device to capture some breathtaking photographs.

Sporting Events

Taking a picture at your favorite football or baseball game can be difficult. In most cases, settling for a standard hand held, unsteady shot is the best you can hope for. Setting up a traditional tripod in the stands will likely anger the spectators around you. The Gorillapod is unique in that it is small and can be easily wrapped around the back of benches or on poles. This will allow you to set your camera on burst mode and capture some awesome photos. 

Nature Shots

Setting up a Gorillapod while on a hike is simple and fast. You can wrap the pod around tree limbs, on rocks or on otherwise tedious terrain. This can give you a different aspect ratio for the photo than you would have had without the Gorillapod. It will also help to keep your shot steady without having to worry about fidgety hands.

Highway Overpasses

We've all seen the walkways over highways in bigger cities. A Gorillapod can be used to capture some amazing photographs of passing traffic on the highway from these overpasses. Simply wrap the legs around the handrail and angle the camera down towards the traffic. Changing the shutter speed will give you varying results, and you can capture some awesome photographs this way. 

Ground Angles

Really great photographs can be taken from the ground. The problem with this is it's very hard to hold a camera low enough to the ground and keep the camera steady. The Gorillapod is great for these shots. You can set the pod up at the bottom of an interesting staircase and position the camera in a way that you can capture a really unique photograph. This can be great for old churches with unique stained glass, light houses and anywhere with interesting spiral or other shaped staircases.


A Gorillapod is great for capturing motion. You can set the pod up on a beach banister, a tree branch or any other area where nature provides great motion. If you can set up burst mode on the camera, the Gorillapod will allow you to capture motion in action. This is useful for getting closeup shots of things that are normally hard to capture. A butterfly wings flapping, rain hitting the surface of a pond, or a cascading waterfall are all easy to capture with the Gorillapod. You can get the close up shots without putting yourself in danger.

Extreme Heights

Some of the most interesting photographs are taken from extreme heights or over building where a person can't safely get to. The Gorillapod can be set up over an overhang, such as a building, a gutter or even a cliff safely to capture photographs.

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