6 High Quality Photo Printer Usage Tips

Maintaining high quality photo printers need not be difficult or expensive. Ink cartridges for printing has long been considered one of the most expensive types of liquid available on the market. It is rare but utilized almost on a daily basis. The following are a few suggestions on how to save money on ink, yet make the printer last as long as possible.

1. Use the Printer’s Power Switch

Whenever possible, always use the power switch to turn the printer on or off. Power shortages or shutting down the printer in other ways can jam the print head. There is also a high risk of the ink drying out if the ink head is not in the proper position.

2. Clean the Printer Head

It is important to use the printer on a regular basis. This is considered the best way of maintaining the quality of printing. Some consumers try to print less in order to save for money. However, if the printer or ink cartridge has not been used for some time, the print head becomes clogged. This is indicated by bands or gaps when printing. Some printers have a software utility tool, which can verify the case. In cases where the print cartridge has not been used for some time, it is advised to clean the print head. This can be done by accessing the printer’s software or pressing a button on the printer.

3. Use Alcohol for Cleaning

In some cases where the ink has dried up and clogged the print head, adding a few drops of isopropyl alcohol can help loosen up the dried ink. Place approximately 7-10 drops down the slot on the printer where the ink cartridge is normally placed. It may be necessary to wait overnight for the alcohol to do its magic and soften up the dried ink. Afterwards, the normal head cleaning routine can be performed.

4. Print Frequently

Contrary to popular belief, printing at least one page a week will make the ink cartridge and printer last longer. This keeps the ink moving, reducing the chances of having a clogged ink head. Ink is wasted when cleaning a clogged ink head; in some cases more than printing a text page. Cleaning a clogged up ink cartridge can sometimes require several pages of printing to clear up the dried ink. Print one text page in black and another using color to maintain the quality of the print much longer.

5. Print in Draft

Select the economy or draft option when printing rough copies or when high quality prints are not needed. This saves time and ink when printing. For pages taken from the Internet, turn off the images from the browser. Choose the printable view option when printing off the Internet. This eliminates the need to print areas which are not necessary.

6. Buy Original Ink

Refill ink cartridges made by official manufacturers can be more expensive, but more practical in the long run. These original cartridges are made especially for the printer. Some of the newer printers can read the levels on original ink cartridges, allowing the user to determine when to refill.