5 Tips to Use a Light Meter Instead of a Camera's Meter

In the advanced world of photography, cameras have everything integrated into them, such as a light meter. Why do you need a separate light meter? Below are five simple tips on why to utilize a separate light meter.

1. Still Photography

Using this for still photography is advised since you can accurately measure the exposure while taking photographs. It will give you an idea of how much aperture should be used so the photo isn’t too bright or dark.

2. Filming

When filming, especially in studios wherein artificial light is used, it can take a more precise measure of the light coming in. This can therefore avoid overexposure.

3. Outdoors

Natural light is different from artificial or studio light. This external device can show the natural colors of outdoor scenarios by giving a true reading of the exposure needed.

4. Color

Having the appropriate measure of lighting can also contribute to bringing out the best colors of a photo. Flash synchronization and shutter speeds assist in generating superior images.

5. Consistency

This equipment can also help you maintain a degree of consistency. It helps determine equilibrium in your shots, avoiding images that are sometimes too bright or too dark. A separate light meter will be able to give you reliable light exposures.