5 Tips to Use a Gary Fong Lambency Diffuser

The Gary Fong Lambency Diffuser is a kind of flash diffuser that attaches to the standard common diffuser gun and then helps diffuse the light evenly for a smooth and evenly lit picture. Here are five basic tips to keep in mind while using Gary Fong.

1. Angle

Make sure that the flash head has been swiveled to an angle of 90 degrees, such that the bulb end lies perpendicular to the camera.

2. Flash Head Position

See to it that you hold the diffuser from the belled end and then position it up the flash head's top. The diffuser comes in four different and variable sizes, so make sure you choose the right one.

3. Attach the Dome

If need be, do attach the dome piece to the diffuser. This is done by placing the dome towards the belled end, concave outward side, and then pressed in to complete attachment.

4. Know When to Use the Dome and Flash Head

When shooting in high-rise areas or where there is need for increased light exposure, remove the dome. While shooting outdoors, insert the dome and aim the flash head directly at the subject to cut down and eliminate the unwanted flash shadows that give a harsh tone to the image.

5. Use the Diffuser

Experiment with your equipment. The diffuser is great at bouncing lights off from the walls, roofs and almost any object. The flashlight, when diffused, reduces the contrast and shadows of the picture as well.