5 Tips for Your External Camcorder Microphone

If you're serious about videography, then you should invest in an external camcorder microphone. An external microphone will greatly improve the quality of the audio you capture with your video. Here are 5 tips for your external microphone. 

1. Shotgun Mics Are Great to Start Out With

Your camera's internal mic captures sound from every direction, which means that you are going to hear stuff that's not in your shot. A shotgun mic eliminates this problem. Shot gun mics are directional, which means they only pick up sound from the direction they're pointed in. This means you'll be able to clearly hear what you're camera is looking at. 

2. Keep the Mic Close to the Subject

Some shot gun mics attach directly into the camera, while others need to be connected via wires. If your mic is like the second one, then you're in luck because you can move the mic away from the camera and closer to your subjects. The closer the mic to the subjects, the better you will hear them.

3. Get a Sound Man

You don't need a pro. If you mic is connected to the camera through wires, then you should consider having a friend help you with the audio. You'll attach the mic to a boom pole, and his job will be to hold it as close to the actors as possible while keeping it out of frame. He should also be wearing headphones so he'll know if he needs to move closer or farther away. Remember, capturing good audio is essential. An audience tends to be forgiving toward poorly lit shots, but they are ruthless when it comes to sound they have trouble hearing.

4. Invest in a Wireless Mic

If you're serious about shooting your own videos, then you should consider investing in a wireless mic. The reason is that you always try to keep the mic out of your frame and when you're shooting a wide shot, you're going to have to place the boom far away from the actors, which will result in poor quality audio. The only way to get this is with a wireless mic

The wireless mic is a lavaliere that you hide on the actor. It's attached to a radio transmitter that broadcasts the audio to your camera. They work great for wide shot situations, but you shouldn't always rely on them. Because the mic is often hidden in the actor's clothes, it often picks up brushing noises when they walk.

5. Cell Phones Off

If you're using wireless mics, then all cell phones need to be off. Not set to vibrate, off. The radio signals emitted from the phones can interfere with the wireless radio signals.

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