5 Instances to Use a Security Camera Phone

With the advancements in technology, an increasing number of mobile phones can be turned into a security camera phone. Taking photos using a camera phone is fun to do. Almost all who own a working mobile phone will never leave home without it. However, besides taking pictures, camera phones also allow people to be more observant and use their devices to record events around them.

How to legally use a camera phone for surveillance depends on the laws existing in the area. Here are a number of possible instances where a camera phone may be used for surveillance.

1. Identify Criminals

Images taken from a camera phone can be used to identify criminals caught in the act of committing a crime. Some criminals unknowingly or knowingly record themselves in the act, creating self-incriminating evidence which can be used against them in court.

2. Supporting Evidence

Photos or videos can be used as evidence to support footage recorded by existing security systems in the area.

3. Capture Live Events

Camera phone owners can become instant reporters, recording live events on their phone and sending it to their local news channel.

4. Identify an Unfamiliar Area

Footage of photos of the area can be used to locate missing hikers or travelers.

5. Observe Employees
and the Premises

Parents can use camera phone images or footage to keep an eye on their household help who's taking care of their kids, aging parents or their home.