5 Ideas for a Jewelry Photography Kit

There are a lot of tricks you'll pick up on your way to being a professional jewelry photographer. Here are 5 ideas to help you build a photography kit that will enable you to take great photos.

1. Have a Few Yards of Different Clothes

You need a background to enhance the beauty of the jewelry. The background cannot be busy and should be subtle. You should visit a fabric store and select a couple yards of materials that you believe will work great. Try to have about five to ten materials to choose from. Also, pick materials that are not too rare, just in case a client likes it and you need to purchase more.

2. Backgrounds

You can buy a miniature white cyc stage (infinite white background with no corners) to photograph with. If you're using the fabric materials as the background, then you should have stands and a pipe so that you will be able to hang it. Empty boxes are also nice to have because you can wrap your fabrics over them to make the scenery more interesting without being distracting.

3. Armature Wire

The top photographers of jewelry and other small objects have their own special rigs they made for holding the jewelry in place. These rigs were built from their own experiences and knowledge. You can't buy them at a store, and you won't know how to make them right away. So, for starters you should have a couple of mini c-stands and armature wire. Armature wire is easy to bend into any position you want, and it's thick so you don't have to worry about small objects like jewelry sagging.

4. Small Lights

Now that you have a set and the object is in position, the next thing to think about is lighting. Because jewelry is small and reflective, you want lights that have very small and narrow beams. This way you're not fighting fall off and spill. Snoots are objects that go over lights to thin the beam. There are some that are bendable and work great with jewelry. They are expensive to own and rent, though.

5. Dots and Fingers

When lighting large sets, we use flags and cutters to shape the light to our desires. In the mini world of table top, they're called dots and fingers. You should have them for cutting light. They also make dot and finger sized nets for bringing down intensity.

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