5 Framing Ideas for Wedding Photos

With something as important as your wedding day, there are a lot of things to consider when you are framing your photos. People spend thousands of dollars on professional photography for their wedding day. Having that much invested in capturing your memories is understandable, and how you plan on displaying the photos for the rest of your life is even more important.

Here are 5 things to consider when you are trying to frame your wedding photos.

1. Consider the Color Scheme

It is important to have a classy and sophisticated frame for your wedding photos. The color of the frame and matte should not take attention away from the photos themselves. Using muted colors is usually the best plan to avoid distracting from the photos on display. When you are shopping for a frame, it is a good idea to take a sample photo with you to compare and judge how it goes with any frame you are considering.

2. Protect Your Wedding Photos

If you do not want your photos to fade or turn yellow over time, it is important to protect them behind the right type of glass. Using an ultraviolet (UV) protection glass is the best way to eliminate this risk from light. Sunlight and indoor light can both cause the photos to fade, so using UV protected glass is recommended in any setting. Most frames you buy in stores now feature UV protected glass, but make sure before you make your purchase just to be safe.

3. Personalize Your Frame

To distinguish your frame, it is always possible to engrave a message somewhere on the frame itself (usually across the bottom). This can be either a lyric from your special song or the date the wedding took place. Pick something that is significant to you and your spouse that will evoke emotions.

4. Add a Touch of Class

Although most of your wedding photos are probably in color, you may want to consider getting some of your favorites in black and white when framing them. Black and white photos evoke that old Hollywood style of elegance and sophistication that colorful shots sometimes lack. It is also true that the simplicity of black and white photos allow the viewer to focus on the subject of the photo more, without having to process so many different colors.

5. Consider Picture Gifts

A framed photo from your wedding day is a perfect gift to help someone remember the special day. The best way to do it is to have the recipient of the gift be featured in the photo with you, rather than just a shot of you and your spouse.

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