5 Essential Items for Your Wedding Photography Kit

Anyone interested in making money from wedding photography will need to ensure they prepare a photography kit, and take it with them everywhere they go. Knowing what to pack in your kit can be confusing. There are no right or wrong answers, and it's likely that you will build your kit over time.

There are some pieces of equipment which every wedding photographer must include and some important things to bear in mind when shopping around for them.

1. Digital Camera Body

You will certainly want some form of camera in your wedding photography kit. Most people these days will choose to use digital cameras, however, some still rely on trusty 35mm. Digital cameras have now surpassed the quality of film and this is why they have become increasingly popular. They are also very convenient and portable.

When choosing a digital camera, you should stick to professional models. While some compact cameras are very good these days, nothing can compare to a D-SLR camera. Immediately pulling one of these cameras out will suddenly make you look much more professional. These also have manual modes, which makes it possible to take a wide range of different photos.

2. Memory Cards

Assuming you're using digital cameras, then you will need to ensure your equipment bag is filled with lots of memory cards. Try to choose the highest capacity that your camera will support. SD, SDHC and SDXC cards are some of the most popular types in compact cameras, however, most DSLR cameras will use compact flash memory cards.

Choosing high capacity memory cards will mean that you don't have to waste as much time changing the memory card while taking photos. This could be the difference between missing the shot and capturing a wonderful photo on film.

3. Lenses

Although most of your work will be portrait photography, you will also want a selection of lenses so that you can take different types of photos. Lenses suitable for group shots will be very useful. A lens with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 will be very useful for all sorts of wedding photographs. These will allow you to take photos even without the flash. Many churches do not allow flashes to be used, and more often than not, the bride will actually request that you don't use the flash.

4. Spare Cameras

Changing lenses doesn't take long, however, it does take a few precious seconds. You should ideally have at least one extra camera which can be fitted with the other type of lens. This also gives you a backup just in case one camera packs up. The wedding photographer should be prepared to capture this special event; he obviously can't hold up the wedding to go to buy another camera.

5. Spare Batteries

It's worth getting 2 or 3 spare batteries per camera. You should have experience with how long these batteries last so you will be able to buy enough of them to last for the entire wedding. However, over time, the batteries ability to hold charge will decrease; as soon as you notice this, replace the batteries with newer ones.

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