4 Reasons to Download Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is an application for the iPhone that let’s you experience taking pictures with an old camera. To a certain extent, you will be able to experience the way photographers used to do it many years back, when there were no digital cameras and mobile phones. It takes your digital camera and makes it work like an analog. Here are some reasons to download this program:

1. Changing Lenses

The program let’s you experience changing the lenses of your virtual analog camera, just like it used to be done. It gives you the opportunity to replace the lenses depending on the output that you want. With a simple flick of your finger, the lenses instantly change, each with a different capability.

2. HipstaMart

You can even customize your camera by purchasing more applications at the HipstaMart. Get new lenses, film and flash to add flair and character to your camera. These add-ons can even be found in bundles and you can get all three types together. It’ll save you some money in the long run if you purchase these bundles instead of buying the apps individually.

3. HipstaFriends

Share your HipstaPrints with all your friends on Facebook and Flickr. Instantly upload your images to these partner sites for all to see and enjoy. You can also send the images directly via email through Hipstamatic.

4. Win Prizes

Every month or so, the Hipstamatic community sponsors contests that you can join and win. The person who enters the best photo can win lots of great prizes and gift cards from iTunes. Simply enter the contest via the Hipstamatic app on your phone and start sending those pictures.