4 Professional Photo Scan Service Techniques

If you decide to send your photos to a professional photo scan service to have them scanned, you may be interested in knowing some of the techniques they use to create high quality scans. In many cases, professional photo scan services are able to produce high quality photo scans significantly cheaper than you would be able to if you did the scans yourself at home. Below, you will find the key techniques that allow professional photo scan services to keep their prices low and their quality high.

1. High Quality Photo Scanners

The main difference between the service that you can expect to receive from professional photo scan services and at-home photo scanning is the quality of the photo scanner that professional services use. Since their main business consists of producing high quality scans of photographs, the machines that professional scanning services operate are much more expensive and of a much higher quality than the types of scanners that are realistic for home use. Professional grade photo scanners scan photos significantly faster and at a higher quality than the scans that you could reproduce in your own home.

Another reason that the photo scanners used by professional scan services are more efficient is that they will need to be reloaded less often and jam less often than scanner models that you would purchase for home use. Home scanners are limited to 24-36 photos being loaded into the tray at a time. With professional quality photo scanners, technicians can load hundreds of photos into the automatic feeder trays at a time. Additionally, due to the higher quality of the machines being used by professional photo scanning services, the machines themselves will jam less often, saving valuable time by not having to manually unjam machines.

2. High Quality Materials

Since they are able to obtain materials cheaper than you would be able to at home, professional photo scanning services are able to use higher quality ink and photo paper than you would typically be able to use at home. They can offer a wider variety of services, such as glossy or matte finish prints as well.

3. Partnership With Post Office

One of the techniques that professional photo scan services use to keep prices down is partnering with the USPS to achieve better rates on mailing photographs to their customers. By partnering with the United States Postal Service, services spend less money on shipping and are consequently able to charge less per print.

4. Professionalism

The real different between the quality and service that you can expect from a professional scanning service and the type of scans that you would be able to produce at home is the fact that, for professional photo scanners, their business is based entirely around producing high quality photo scans. As a result, they have the benefit of being able to purchase materials such as ink and photo paper in bulk, thus reducing the costs required to make individual scans. They also have technicians who complete photo scans all day long, as opposed to doing the work yourself at home, where you have relatively limited experience making scans.

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