4 Popular 55mm Lens Filters

When choosing the appropriate 55 mm lens filters for your camera, it is important to determine what effect you want to achieve in your photos. Even if you have the best filter on hand, if it does not have the desired effect, it will not give the results that you want for your photos. Here are some of the most popular lens filters in the market today.

1. Ultraviolet Filters

The most commonly used 55 mm lens filters are the UV/Haze filters. They basically absorb the invisible UV haze that is most commonly invisible to the naked eye. It gets rid of that smog-like appearance on some photos, which is actually UV light.

2. Polarizing Filters

Another popular lens filter is the polarizing filter. It reduces or eliminates glare on shiny surfaces, making the photo clearer. It lessens the attention on shiny objects in the photo, creating more detail, and it can also make the colors more vivid.

3. Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density filters are useful in scenarios where there is bright light. It gives the photographer more freedom and flexibility to alter the aperture and exposure to get the best result for the photo.

4. Cross-Star Filters

These filters add an amazing effect to your shot, wherein the light source produces a star-like effect. It adds character to photos and makes them more interesting. This is one of the most popular 55 mm lens filters that people use today.