4 Memory Card Error Types

All digital camera users are bound to experience a memory card error at some time. These errors can be very confusing and stressful because it's not exactly clear how to fix the error. Understanding the different types of memory card error should make it much easier to diagnose the problem and correct it.

1. No Card Inserted

One of the most common errors will be the No Card Inserted error. This basically means that your camera cannot detect a card inside your camera. The first thing to check is that there is a card inside your camera. You should also make sure that it's put in the right way round, if it's the wrong way then this will result in exactly the same error. It's impossible to put the card in the wrong way with most types of memory card, however with some it is possible.

Also, check that the contacts are clean as this could prevent the memory card from being detected. Contacts can be cleaned using a small eraser. If all of these things are ok then it could also be a problem with the card reader in your camera.

2. Can't Read / Write to Card

Another very common memory card error is when your camera is not able to write to the card. The most common cause of this is because the card is using a format which is different to the cameras. To fix this, simply put the card in your camera and select the format option. This will force the card to be wiped in the right format for the camera.

3. Write Protect Error

If you're having problems taking photos, then your camera might also display a write protect error. This means that the contents of the card have been protected. This prevents the camera from writing to the card which will mean that you can't take any photos.

The only common types of memory card which have a physical control for write protection are SD and XD cards. An SD card uses a small switch to control whether the card is writable or not. If the switch has broken off for any reason then this will make it impossible to control the write protect status of the card. Use some tape to make a replacement for the switch as this doesn't do anything other than press another switch inside the camera.

Other memory cards such as compact flash can be protected through the menus of your camera, check whether the card is writable to.

4. No Images

Sometimes you will not be able to find any images on the memory cards once they are put into your computer or camera. This can be very stressful if there are some important files on the card. Your camera may lose photos for a number of reasons. The most common is because of a corrupt memory card.

The problem can also be a result of accidentally erasing images on the card. Find out what the problem is caused by and then find out how to put it right. Memory card recovery software can be used to recover your missing photos. Then you will need to decide whether or not you can trust your card in the future or whether it needs to be replaced.

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