4 Important Features of the Prolite

The Prolite is a camera stabilization unit that is made by VariZoom. The Prolite weighs only 17.15 pounds and features a 7 inch 16:9 LCD screen so that you can easily view what you are shooting. The battery that is included with the Prolite allows you to shoot footage for 3 to 4 hours before having to recharge the battery. The case that the Prolite goes in measures only 29 inches high by 17 inches wide by 16 inches deep, so traveling with the Prolite is easy. This guideline will go over a few important features of the Prolite, such as the FlowTech Gimbal, Form-Fit Vest, Dual Articulated Arm and Precision Gear Drive Stage.

1. FlowTech Gimbal

The FlowTech Gimbal is a new feature that is being installed on the Prolite. The FlowTech has an ergonomically designed extension grip, which allows you to handle your Prolite with ease. The six sets of bearings that are installed on the FlowTech Gimbal provide a nice, smooth motion when you are panning or zooming your camera. Best of all, the FlowTech Gimbal is lightweight, which means the Prolite will put less stress on your back than other camera stabilization units.

2. Form-Fit Vest

It is likely that you will be wearing your Prolite for hours at a time, so comfort is a major concern. Wearing the Prolite for extended periods of time is not a problem, however, thanks in part to the standard contoured chest pad that is installed on the Form-Fit Vest. The Form-Fit Vest is also lightweight, and it actually supports your upper body, which reduces strain on your shoulders, neck and upper back. The height-adjustable chest plate that is installed on the Form-Fit Vest makes the Prolite wearable by people with all body types. The Form-Fit Vest attaches to your body via its 4 point buckle system.

3. Dual Articulated Arm

The Prolite features a dual articulated arm that allows you to extend your camera up to 38 inches in the air. The dual articulated arm that is installed on the Prolite features 22 precision bearings and 4 springs that allow you to extend the arm with ease. The 22 precision bearings and 4 springs also ensure that the arm of the Prolite will never fail or move. The Prolite is capable of holding cameras that weigh anymore from 2 to 12 pounds.

4. Precision Gear Drive Stage

The stage is one of the most important features of any camera stabilization unit because the stage is what holds your camera. The heavy duty stage that is installed on the Prolite features a dovetail plate with quick release options. The quick release dovetail plate means you can easily disassemble the Prolite for storage or travel. The Prolite stage is a micro-adjustable gear drive stage, which allows you to very precisely adjust the horizontal balance of your camera and stage.