4 Alternatives to Using an Electronic Camera Flash

An electric camera flash is sometimes a useful way of taking photographs. A flash creates an instant burst of light, which is used to provide light to a photograph. There are times when you shouldn't be using a camera flash, though. There are a number of alternatives to using an electronic camera flash.

When a flash is used correctly, it can improve your photos, however, it's not always the best option. Sometimes, using a flash can burn your photos out or make them worse. Most flashes on compact cameras aren't bright enough to provide enough light to a photo in the dark. An alternative should be able to provide much more light for improved photographs. Some of the alternatives are:

1. Natural Light

One of the best alternatives to using an Electronic camera flash is to use natural light. This will only be possible if you are taking photographs during daylight hours. If you're taking the photo using only natural light, then you might discover that shadows cause problems in your photos. An electronic flash can be used as a way to even out these shadows.

If you're interested in using natural light in your photographs, then there are certain things you need to do. Choose the location carefully to make sure that you're not taking a photo which will be in silhouette. This means that you won't be able to take a photo when the sun's in the background.

2. Artificial Lighting

If you're taking photos indoors or at night, then another alternative might be to use artificial lighting. Artificial lighting, such as a lamp, will be able to be positioned so that enough light is available to capture your photos in all their glory. It's important to arrange the artificial light sources to make sure that your photo is evenly lit.

It's much easier to work with artificial lighting because it can be moved around easily.

3. No Flash

Understand that you don't always need to use a flash to take photos. One option would be to simply turn the flash off. Forcing the flash to not fire can actually help to create some great photos.

Sometimes simply turning the flash off will be the best alternative to using an electric camera flash. This will make it much easier to take high quality photographs. If you are taking photos in low light conditions, then you can increase the aperture or reduce the shutter speed to allow more light into the camera. This will minimize the need for a camera flash. However, this will also make it much more likely that you will suffer from blurred photographs. Only make the shutter slower if you intend to mount the camera on a tripod. Mounting the camera on a tripod will ensure that the photographs are not blurred.

4. Studio Lighting

If you have the advantage of a photo studio, then you will be able to use professional studio lighting. Studio lighting is a form of artificial light which is specifically designed to offer enough light for photography. Studio lighting is very expensive and so it is normally only suitable for professional photographers.

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