3 Ways to Customize a White Picture Frame

In displaying your photographs, the most common accessory you will find is a white picture frame. These classic pieces are popular because they will go well with just about any type of photograph, and they also look good on any color wall. The best thing about a white picture frame is that it’s similar to a blank canvas, and it gives you the freedom to personalize it. Here are a few ideas on how you can customize a white picture frame.

1. Paint It

If you were on the lookout for another color, but was not able to find it, then a white picture frame and a can of your choice paint is the next best option.

2. Use Old Accessories

If you have some old, unused embellishments such as beads and sparkles, you might want to use these to brighten up a plain picture frame. Use your creativity in mapping out a pattern, and glue your accessories on the frame.

3. Add Decals and Stickers

You can customize a white picture frame with some stickers and decals. You can find these at just about any craft store and home store. Find designs of your choice and stick them on the frame. If you want to customize further, you can find patterns online that you can print out on sticker sheets.