3 Uses for Pen Cameras

With the size and look of pen cameras, they can be brought almost anywhere to document events without being noticed. It can be a fun yet sneaky way to catch a person doing something that they should not be doing, or to record other important transactions. Depending on the brand and make of the device, it can be used to record videos or take photographs. Here are a number of uses for this handy device.

1. Make a Recording of Important Transactions

As the device also looks and works like a pen, the camera can be brought to an official meeting or transaction to record the minutes. It can be used to sign documents and take snapshots or footage of the actual signing of a contract or other documents.

2. Record Pranks or Embarrassing Moments

As a hidden camera, the device can also be used to document pranks being played on friends. It can also be used to record other funny or silly moments, which can be uploaded online with networking sites or even YouTube.

3. Document Memorable Moments

Hidden cameras are normally used to document unwanted behavior such as a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend or loved one. As the device can be carried anywhere, it can also be used to document live events, such as a protest or an accident, and send it to the local news channel.