3 Uses for a Memory Card Reader

With the ever-growing list of devices that use memory cards, a memory card reader has many uses if used alongside a memory card adapter. There are multiple formats for memory cards, such as CF, MS, SD, micro-SD, MC, MMC, and so on. Memory cards come in many different sizes, so memory card adapters make them all fit into different devices as needed. However, most memory card readers are all-in-one, which means one memory card reader will work with all your memory cards. Below are three uses for your memory card reader.

Easily View the Photos You Just Took

Wasn't it annoying that every time you wanted to download the new picture you'd just taken with your camera, you had to search for the data cable and the need to install the device software onto every computer you owned? Well, using a card reader, that's all in the past. Simply remove the card, slide it into the card reader, and enjoy your photos.

Your Music, Just a Few Clicks Away

Loading up music to your music player device has never been easier. Using a card reader instead of the classic data cable, a few drag-and-drops will have your card ready to go into your music player, giving you countless hours of fun.

Share Data Faster than Ever Before

Uploading or downloading data from your PDA or cell phone is done in a snap, eliminating the need for connecting your device directly to your computer via cables, and making it unnecessary to install a separate software. Take the card, put in the card reader, load or unload the data, and put it back in your device, and you're good to go.