3 Uses for a Cardboard Picture Frame

A cardboard picture frame is one of the best frames that you can ever get because it is durable and light on the pocket. There are many kinds and uses for these cardboard picture frames. Some of them are made to highlight your photos and make them look more elegant and beautiful. Others are made for the sole purpose of protecting your photo. Here are three uses for a cardboard picture frame:

1. Folder Frames

One of the most basic cardboard picture frames that you can use is a folder frame. It is a frame that is able to protect your photos. It can be a good idea to give as a card or a gift since it has a bi-fold. There are horizontal and vertical frames that have different shapes and sizes.

2. Cardboard Easels

A cardboard easel is also the same as a picture frame that is supported by a stand behind it. There are a lot of uses for easels. If you are trying to showcase a photo in your home or in your office, then a cardboard easel is the right one for you. They can also serve as good protectors for your photo.

3. Folios

Folios have the ability to showcase a lot of pictures at once. Usually folded to 3 or 4 sides, a folio is a good choice if you are looking for a cardboard frame that is able to hold photos of the members of your family or photos of your closest friends. For that very purpose, a folio has become quite common in households across the world.