3 Uses for a Camera Flash Bracket

A camera flash bracket is a simple arm that attaches to your camera, allowing you to raise or lower the flash without needing extra hands. The bracket attaches the flash directly to the camera and can be adjusted as you need. There are a few reasons that using a flash bracket can benefit you. Here are just a few uses for these brackets.

1. Reducing Shadows

When you are taking pictures outdoors, especially in the mid afternoon when the sun is the highest and brightest, shadows can become an issue. A flash bracket allows you to use the fill flash technique, and allows you to adjust the height of the flash to eliminate the most challenging shadow issues. 

2. Reducing Red Eye

The dreaded red eye phenomenon occurs when a flash is set off at an improper height. Using a flash bracket allows you to adjust the height of the flash, thereby reducing the occurrence of red eye. While red eye can be easily removed with most photo altering programs, not having to deal with it in the first place is a big time saver.

3. Professional Quality Shots

If you are wanting a more professional looking picture, such as a portrait or other keepsake, the flash bracket will help you achieve more professional looking photos. With a camera flash bracket, you can use techniques commonly used by professionals, such as fill light.

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