3 Useful Tiffen Steadicam Models

The Tiffen Steadicam is a camera stabilizer. Some of the available Tiffen Steadicam models include the Ultra 2, the Ultra 2C, the Phantom, the Clipper 324, the Archer 2, the Flyer-LE and the Pilot. The Tiffen Steadicam, which was first introduced in 1976, completely changed the film and video industry in a positive way. Different Tiffen Steadicam models are available for home users and for those in the professional film and professional video industries.

1. Archer 2

The Archer 2 is one of the newer Tiffen Steadicam models. The Archer 2 features a G-50 Iso-Elastic Stabilizer Arm that has a maximum lifting range of 50 pounds and a boom range of 29 inches. One of the best features of the Archer 2 is the fact that the arm can be extended without the use of tools. The sled on the Archer 2 has been designed so that the size of the Archer 2 can be reduced by over 30%, which makes for easy storage and transport. The Archer 2 features an ergonomic design and vest that has low back support, which makes the Archer 2 extremely comfortable to wear over an extended period of time. The 7" LCD display on the Archer 2 allows you to easily view the footage that you are capturing with your camcorder.

2. Clipper 324

The Clipper 324 is one of the most customizable Tiffen Steadicam models. The Clipper 324 is capable of holding cameras that weigh up to 35 pounds. The Clipper 324 is compatible with both HD and composite camcorders. The telescoping post that the Clipper 324 features can extend the sled by as many as 49 inches. Like the Archer 2, the Clipper 324 features a 7" 16:9 LCD monitor. Unlike other Tiffen Steadicam models, the Clipper 324 comes standard with two battery mounts that provide a maximum camera battery life of 220 watt hours. The Clipper 324 features a lightweight design and vest so that the Clipper 324 can be worn by any operator for hours.

3. Phantom

If you have used the Tiffen Steadicam Ultra 2 in the past, you will love the Phantom. The Phantom is based off of the technology that is featured on the Ultra 2, but it carries a lower price tag. The payload capacity of the arm on the Phantom ranges from 12 to 70 pounds. The Phantom has an Ultra 2 stage that features a post that can extend the stage anywhere between 29 and 40 inches. You can easily angle your camera plus or minus 20 degrees thanks to the integral tilt head that is featured on the arm of the Phantom. You can purchase an optional battery pack for the Phantom that will provide, like the Clipper 324, a maximum camera battery life of 220 watt hours. The vest on the Phantom is an Ultra 2 vest that comes standard with padding that provides additional comfort for the operator.