3 Useful Mini Home Surveillance Cameras

To protect your home, home surveillance cameras are slowly becoming a standard in residence safety. Large and exposed CCTV’s can easily be seen by people who wish to enter your house. Here are three useful types of home surveillance systems that are discreet enough to be undetected.

1. Small Wireless Surveillance Cameras

Small wireless cameras are usually smaller than a golf ball. They can be hidden in your garden behind trees and bushes, completely unseen by those unaware of their presence. These cameras can usually connect to any PC or TV wirelessly, while still giving you clear and state-of-the-art image recordings of the surroundings.

2. Pinhole Cameras

These are more covert surveillance cameras usually placed indoors because of their size. The camera measures less than a quarter, and it can generally be placed inside different things like the side of the television.

3. Ultra-Mini Surveillance Cameras

These are the smallest that you can find in the market today. These are virtually invisible because of their size, measuring just around one inch. They can work on 9-volt batteries and can last up to 10 hours or so. They also have a good range, having about 700 feet of coverage. This is the favorite home surveillance camera of many people due to its size and functionality.