3 Useful Camera Flash Attachment Accessories

When taking photos for any occasion; one of the things you must always be mindful of is the camera flash attachment. The flash of the camera can be incredibly useful as well as very frustrating if you do not know how to control it. One crucial aspect of any photograph is the lighting. Nothing can make such a drastic difference between a flattering shot and a horribly dim angle than the way it is lit. Here are three of the most helpful types of camera flash attachment accessories available to help control your camera flash.

Shell Bounce Flash Attachment

This is a very helpful camera flash attachment designed for flash units that swivel. This attachment helps to eliminate stretched, harsh shadows from your pictures. It limits the light coming into the shot so that it only comes in from above the lens. The light coming directly above the lens is the commonly preferred lighting for portrait shots.

The attachment can also be used for horizontal and vertical shots. Normally, if you switch between horizontal and vertical shots, the light will be drastically different from shot to shot. This attachment makes the light consistent from photo to photo without requiring you to set up each shot differently. This can make a significant difference in the consistency from shot to shot when you are looking at all of the photos together.

Ring Flash Diffusing Attachment

The common ring flash attachment will hook onto a shoe mount flash, and requires a computer cord along with an AC adapter. The ring is held in front of the camera lens. It does not put out the light itself, but it modifies the light from the flash on your camera. This technique produces a lighting effect similar to those you would get from a studio lighting set for much more money. The ring flash is the very distinct and preferred way to light for portraits or still-life photos.

The ring flash diffusing attachment is a separate part that does not connect to the camera itself, but must be held in front of the lens. It is small and easy to transport for convenient use. The separate power cable can be tricky to use on location shoots, but the cost difference could be worth the hassle.

Flash Slave

Depending on where you are on location to take your shots, you may not always have enough light that you need for a given shot. A flash slave attachment can be used when the normal flash does not produce enough light to sufficiently illuminate a shot.

The flash slave goes in front of the lens and detects when the flash goes off to produce a flash itself. The trigger of the initial flash going off to the secondary slave flash happens in a microsecond, so the light is there for the shot. This basically doubles the total flash for a given shot to make sure it is fully visible. The fact that the flash is auto-detected means you do not have to worry about setting it off separately and missing the timing of the initial shot.

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