3 Top Rated Nikon Lens Filters

Nikon lens filters are great products to use along with your Nikon camera lens. There are all sorts of different lens filters, from the types used to protect a lens from being scratched to the types that are used for various special effects (such as color changes or lighting effects). Here are some of the top rated Nikon lens filters you can buy:

1. Nikon 67 mm Circular Polarizer II Thin Ring Multi-Coated Filter

A polarizing lens is used to reduce or get rid of any reflections and glare. This prevents problems when taking pictures in areas where there could be light and glare reflected from windows, snow or other shiny items. This lens is rated well for helping to prevent those issues so the photographer has a better result.

2. Nikon 52 mm Screw-on Soft Focus Filter

Another Nikon lens with a good rating that is useful to the photographer is the Nikon 52 mm Screw on Soft Focus Filter. It has a special coating that works to cause a slight blurring effect on photos, which gives them a softer look. This works well when taking portraits, as it can be used to smooth away wrinkles and lines in faces.

3. Nikon L37C/72 UV Haze Lens Filter

The UV Haze Lens is good for blocking sunlight and it is also a lens filter of choice for most photographers when it comes to protecting the glass on their lens. This one gets good ratings for the size of its filter.