3 Tips for Understanding Your Wide Angle Telephoto

For many photographers, the wide angle telephoto lens seems like a foreign product. However, with a few tips, even beginners are capable of utilizing this accessory to create brilliant topical photographs. Here are three tips for understanding a wide angle telephoto:

1. Purpose

This lens is for capturing the subject at great distances without blurring nearby surroundings. It can shoot static or moving objects and animals at great distances. This is very effective for wildlife photographers and artists who wish to emphasize “far-scapes.”

2. Exact Detail

Such a lens is powerful enough to focus on the minute details of even the smallest objects--a dragonfly’s wings, the hairs on a person’s hands and the chipped steps of a winding staircase (detail becomes a subject). Photographers who are frustrated with blurred images of distant subjects will be happy to use this lens for creating more vivid and “larger-than-life” imagery of otherwise plain, everyday objects.

3. Care

Telephoto lenses are much heavier and bulkier than most lenses. Use a tripod or harness to steady your camera when taking pictures, as the slightest nudge can ruin a great shot. Also, don’t forget to store your lenses in heavy duty carriers, as they are susceptible to damage even in short falls. Considering their price, it would be a waste to not invest in a good carrier case.