3 Tips for Understanding Your Fisheye Camera Lens

What’s to understand with your fisheye camera lens? A lot if you are willing to try it out. Distorting images through fisheye lenses may look funny, but they have their own functions in photography. Here are some tips for those who want to understand their fisheye lenses and learn to use them.

1. Isolate Your Subject

By using a fisheye camera lens, you can add interest to particular elements in the frame. Take a crowd scene and pick out one person to focus on. In a fishbowl, draw attention to the smallest but most colorful occupant there.

2. Enhance the Foreground or Background

There are certain elements in landscape photography that look more breathtaking when the foreground or background is given more attention. You can focus your fisheye lens to have a larger percentage of focus on the foreground such as the fields with the skyline. You can focus more on the background with large beautiful mountains and flat plains. Just remember that there is an invisible middle line in fisheye lenses where there is no distortion, so use that as a guide point.

3. Increase the Distortion Ratio

When you want to increase the distortion of the image, zoom out. Completely zooming out can create a fully distorted round image. This is perfect for “scope” or “viewer” scenes, such as a shot of someone looking out their door viewer. You can shift to a wide angle if you decrease the focal length but watch out for some perimeter distortion.