3 Things to Consider When Buying a Camcorder Wide Angle Lens

A camcorder with a wide angle lens is popular for film makers nowadays thanks to the development of widescreen television and HD. From the experts down to the start-up and Indie film producers, a camera with a wide angle lens is often a better choice. It can capture far more of the scene than smaller lenses and older cameras. Here are three things to consider when buying a camcorder with a wide angle lens:

1. Compatibility

Whatever the quality of the production or the skill of the cameraman, a well-made video is worthless if it cannot be read by most laptops or computers. If a certain camera catches your fancy but has a different video format, consider buying a video player that it’s compatible with.

2. Usability

Not all cameras are user-friendly. Some tend to be more suited for hardcore film and video editors, leaving less experienced or techno-illiterate users completely in the dark. Ask a salesperson if you can try out products before making your purchase.

3. Viewfinder

The general purpose of a camera with a wide angled lens is to vividly capture a scene in the largest screen possible. This ensures that viewers who watch the finished product won’t get vertigo or a feeling of watching something in low quality. Look for width and zoom capabilities that suit your filming style.