3 Reasons to use an ETX Telescope for Astrophotography

The ETX telescope is made by Meade, a leader in the telescope industry since 1972. The ETX telescope is a great telescope for astrophotography because it is easily mounted, has a smooth motor, and is great for prime focus photography. You will need a digital SLR camera to use the ETX telescope.

1. Easily Mounted

If you have any experience with astrophotography, then you know that a mount is always required for stability purposes. The ETX telescope comes with three legs that can be used to polar align the telescope. Meade also makes a lightweight steel tripod that is compatible with all ETX telescopes.

2. Smooth Motor

The ETX telescope is known for having a smooth running motor. The drive performance of the ETX telescope is also perfect for astrophotography. One of the best reasons to use an ETX telescope for astrophotography is the fact that the motor allows you to correct declination and RA.

3. Prime Focus Photography

Prime focus photography is one of the easiest ways to obtain astrophotography shots. Prime focus photography involves taking quick snapshots of an object in the sky. When you are using the ETX telescope for prime focus photography, you don't even have to have the motor running, which is a major plus. Prime focus shots that are taken with the ETX telescope are generally crystal clear and sharp.