3 Reasons to Use a Camera Stabilizer

Whether you are shooting home videos or professional films, the benefits of a camera stabilizer are endless. If you have shaky hands or if you are shooting footage with a heavy camera, you know that it can be difficult to get a stable shot. Camera stabilizers are also very versatile, which is beneficial to hose who are using microphone and light attachments. Here are 3 reasons to use a camera stabilizer:

1. Stability

The best feature of a camera stabilizer is stability. You don't have to worry about holding your hands still when using a camera stabilizer. If you are shooting action footage, you can quickly and easily swivel your camera in a smooth fashion to capture the footage when using a camera stabilizer.

2. Versatility

While versatility may not be beneficial to all home users, it is very beneficial to those in the professional film and video industry. Most camera stabilizers come with universal mounting plates that allow you to add microphones, strobes and much more.

3. Positioning

It can be a real pain to shoot footage that is close to the ground or high in the air. With a camera stabilizer, you simply have to tilt the arm of the stabilizer downwards or upwards to capture the footage that you need, without putting a strain on your arms and neck.