3 Reasons to Use a Battery Grip

If you have a Digital SLR camera then you will be able to purchase an additional battery grip to extend the life of the battery. There are many different reasons why you should consider using a battery grip, such as:

1. Extra Power

A battery grip will provide extra power to your camera. This means that you will be able to use your camera for longer without running out of power. You will be able to take many more photos without needing to change batteries. This will save time and make it much less likely that you will miss any potential shots. Professional photographers will normally use these battery grips so they can extend their shooting times.

2. Easier to Handle

Battery grips will also make the camera larger. This makes it much easier to handle the camera. This is perfect for those with big hands. This is ideal for anyone using their cameras for portrait photography.

3. Extra Weight

Camera battery grips have additional weight which makes it easy to handle and reduce camera shake. It's still possible to use tripods and various other camera accessories when using battery grip cases.