3 Reasons to Set Up Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras are a great idea, as they help to protect your home or business. Preventing yourself from being the victim of crime in the first place is always the best thing to do. A dummy camera is a camera which looks real, but is actually fake. It doesn't do anything other than flash a light and look pretty. Here are three reasons to install one of these fake cameras:

1. Deterrent

Technology has come a long way since security cameras were first available. This means that they can now be made very small. Even so, most security cameras are very large boxes on the outside of buildings. This is because their main job is to act as a deterrent. You can get the same deterrent by installing a realistic looking dummy camera.

2. Cost

Dummy cameras are much cheaper than real cameras. This means that they can be installed no matter how big your budget is.

3. Realistic

Dummy cameras might be fake, but most of them are very realistic. A lot of these feature a small red blinking light, which makes the camera look real. This is normally powered by a small battery, which saves the need to wire anything in. They can simply be screwed onto the wall.