3 Reasons a Canon Wide Angle Zoom Lens is Superior to Others

If a camera lens has a focal length of less than 50 mm, then it is considered a wide-angle zoom lens and a Canon wide angle zoom lens leads the pack. These lenses have bigger range views and can therefore see more of the landscape. You can capture more with just one click of the camera. Here are three reasons a Canon wide angle zoom lens is superior to others:

1. Distortion

Lens distortion of the Canon lenses is kept to a minimum and the images that it produces are as clear as they can be. Any minor distortion can be easily edited out via different image editors such as Photoshop.

2. Portability

Canon lenses are also very light and portable. You can take them anywhere, thus making it more possible to use them when you need them. Just make sure that they are stored properly and you can bring them anywhere you wish. They can be easily stored in your camera bag for use anytime.

3. Cost

Canon has low cost lenses that can do the job. As long as the lens can fulfill all of your needs, you don’t need to get an expensive one. Buying expensive lenses does not mean that you are purchasing the best. Always determine what you need first and then decide on which lens to get. A Canon wide angle zoom lens is therefore one of the least expensive yet competitive lenses in the market today.