3 Popular Lens Accessories for Your First SLR Camera

Camera lens accessories are often needed to help produce the highest quality shots possible. When you buy your first SLR camera, you might be unsure of what extra things you should buy. Fortunately this guide will help you get to know the popular accessories and understand what they do. 

1. UV Filter

If there is one accessory you're going to buy, it should be a UV filter. UV light from the sun tends to wash out colors when shooting outdoors. Placing a UV filter over the lens will insure that you're colors will be saturated. UV filters have another benefit as well. They're relatively cheap and can be used as protection for lenses. It's a lot easier to replace a scratched UV filter instead of a telephoto lens.

2. Polarizers

Polarizer filters reduce reflections from non-metallic reflective surfaces such as a glass window or a body of water. This little filter can greatly increase the quality of your shots and is well worth the investment.

3. ND Filters

Your camera's aperture setting has direct influence over the depth of field in your shot. If you want to reduce the light passing through your lens without adjusting the aperture or shutter speed, then you need a ND filter to get the job done.