3 Popular Hoya Camera Filters for Your First SLR

Hoya camera filters are some of the best known types of filters available. These filters can be used to make photographs look different. They can also be used to simply protect your lens. This article will look at some of the best and most popular camera filters which can be used on your SLR camera.

1. UV Filter

A UV filter is designed to filter out UV light from photographs. This can reduce the purple glare from photos. However, these are also clear lenses which do not affect the photo in any other way. Because of this, many people will use the clear UV filters to protect their lenses. These screw onto the front of the lens and will protect the expensive lens from scratches.

2. Polarizing Filter

A polarizing filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens. This will help to reduce the glare in the photograph. It can also be used to reduce reflections when photographing anything reflective such as water or windows.

3. Graduated Filter

A graduated filter can be used to create some unique types of photo. This type of filter can be used to create some interesting cloud and sky effects when taking landscape photos. The top half of the filter is darkened and the bottom is clear. This will darken part of the image while leaving the other part untouched.