3 Fun Tricks You Can Do with a Cheap Wide Angle Fisheye

Can you imagine the number of creative tricks you can create with a wide angle fisheye lens? With the fisheye distortion added to wide angle capacity, the photo possibilities are endless. Try these suggestions for fun:

1. Scene Skits

Push the fisheye capacity to the limit by zooming out and you will get a highly distorted circle image. Get a bunch of your friends to pose in front of the camera, acting as if they’re in front of a door and they’re begging to get inside. If you’ve attached the fisheye lens to a videocam, have them come up with convincing lines. If you’re using a camera, add conversation balloons with text.

2. Tribute Clip

This works well with surprise parties, such as birthdays, Mother’s Day or graduation. Take videos or pictures of this person while he is part of a crowd. Use the fisheye lens to enhance the person's image in the whole frame without him knowing that you’re taking his picture. Even if he asks, you can say you’re just shooting crowd scenes and then surprise him later with the edited version complete with voice over narration and background music.

3. Self-Portrait

Have someone take a shot at you with the fish-eye lens and use it as a profile picture. Put in a cute and funny description to complete the fun.