3 Features and Benefits of Tamron Camera Lenses

Tamron camera lenses are one of the leading choices for photographers all over the world. Tamron Co., Inc. first released its initial offering of camera lenses in 1957 and is now an internationally accepted brand, with distributors in the US, Europe and other continents. There are now Tamron lenses designed exclusively for digital SLRs. Here are a few of the reasons why Tamron camera lenses are favored over other brands:

1. Affordable

Other brands market their products at three times the price tag of a Tamron camera lens with the same capacities. This makes this lens a very good choice for start-up photographers.

2. Lightweight

Tamron camera lenses weigh less than most other lenses on the market. This makes Tamron lenses worthy travel companions for any camera.

3. Good Focus

With a larger view angle and higher center and border sharpness, Tamron lenses are perfect for macro photography. They also have low distortion rates and good vignetting control. The zoom capabilities of these lenses are comparable to other popular camera lenses. Other than slower auto focus speed, Tamron camera lenses still maintain an advantage over other lenses.