3 Creative Uses for a Flatbed Scanner

A flatbed scanner is a device that you can use to scan in photographs and documents to your computer. Use it to convert any physical object into a digital copy which can then be emailed or uploaded to the Internet. However, there are a few more exciting things that scanners can do. Read on to learn about some other features of your flatbed scanner.

1. Creating Art

One creative use for your scanner is using it to create impressive pieces of art work. While a scanner is designed to photo copy flat pieces of paper, there's no reason why you need to restrict yourself just to paper. Actually, you will be able to scan pretty much anything that you find. You could consider scanning leaves or pressed flowers into your computer.

If you want to add a white background to your pieces of artwork, you can lay a piece of plain paper over the leaves or flowers on the scanner bed.

2. Scanning 3D Objects

Just as you can scan things that aren't paper, you can also scan 3D objects into your computer. The scanner has a fairly thin piece of glass, so you must be careful what you put on the glass to avoid breaking it. If you are working with any heavy objects, consider using clamps like the ones used to hold electronic components when soldering.

You can experiment with all sorts of things that you can put on the scanner glass. You could put plants, flowers or various objects. You can also put fruit onto your scanner to look at the different results that you can create.

3. Portraits

Another option is to use the scanner like a camera to create portraits. Squash your face up against the glass or position it just over the glass. Remember that you must close your eyes because the light from the scanner is very bright and could cause damage to your eyes.

You can also add various other things to your portrait. For example, you can place leaves or drawings onto the scanner glass around your face. This can create an interesting portrait to upload on the Internet.

Using your scanner to create artwork involves a lot of experimentation. Simply try different methods to see what works best. You may be surprised at the results of something like cutting an orange in half and placing it onto the scanner glass.